After an out-of-the-ordinary year 2020, we were all excited for 2021 and fulfilled with the hope to finally complete our plans we had for the big Beethoven celebration.

Even though we had to make some change of plans due to restrictions,  the experience of the two day celebration over 32 piano Sonatas exceeded everyone’s expectation.

It was a memorable way to start the post pandemic era filled with hope, through 15 hours of live music!

Especially now that the days are getting colder, I am looking back with a warm heart to this fantastic experience.

I am profoundly grateful to my wonderful colleagues who performed with me, from age 16 to 82 and from all North America, UK and Japan, to my exceptional Musical Days Team for never giving up on our dream and for the amazing audience for the concentration and enthusiasm to share the experience of 15 hours without a single cough.